& direction
by Duke Mettle
Duke has a substantial track record of creating and driving brands. He thrives on ensuring style over content is never part of the equation and therefore all his design projects to date elicit both in equal measure. His ability to appreciate a brand and its intentions and convey this visually has been the driving force in all that he has created. He has an ease of communication which is calm, considered and all encompassing, consistently looking to ensure he delivers an outcome which encapsulates all the client has envisaged and more. Creative across corporate branding and identity, advertisement promotions, art direction, motion and interactive graphics, storyboarding, web sites, banner advertising, digital marketing, dynamic pitch and presentation graphics, cross platform solutions, embedded html email campaigns, ecards, digital magazines and experiential screen media.
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  • Bisaux Chocolate
  • Clare Miller Photo
  • Delia Online
  • Discover The Origin
  • ENI (Recruitment)
  • Flour Advisory Bureau
  • Freshword
  • Freshword-Live
  • Gareth Morgans Photography
  • IA Home
  • Inspired Energy
  • Keybridge IT Solutions
  • Kitchen Of Secrets
  • Lipton Fleming (Recruitment)
  • Optimisa Research
  • PAD Contemporary Living
  • Pharmagems
  • Relish
  • Rob White Photo
  • Sal Henley
  • Stephen Pennells Photo
  • Stewart West Photo
  • Turnkey Locations
  • Zeco Schoolwear
  • Zespri Kiwi Fruit

  • EYE TO EYE Media

  • Cuisine Art
  • Delicious Magazine
  • Philips

  • I PC Media

  • In Style Magazine
  • Looks Magazine
  • Now Magazine
  • Woman & Home


  • ASOS
  • Churchill
  • Coca-cola
  • Green & Black's
  • Kingsmill
  • LTA and ACE Tennis
  • RAC
  • RBS
  • Sainsbury's
  • Sainsbury's Magazine
  • Wolf Blass
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